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3 October 1974
Lorrie Wood is a gently used unix server administrator currently employed full-time as a simple IT Technician at a Mad Scientists' Home. She is insatiably curious and more than a little odd. When her parents found out what she thought a good time on a Wednesday night consisted of, they were Quite Surprised Indeed, as Lorrie has been a heathen (Germanic Reconstructionist pagan) for nearly ten years, an Odin's gyðja and a seiðkona for a goodly bit, and helps Diana Paxson herd the flock of cats known as Hrafnar. She is a former member of the High Rede (Board of Directors) of The Troth, an even larger herd of cats.

In response to
a recent FAQ
, Lorrie would like you all to know that she is a grownup and may occasionally write grownup things.

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