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September 2012
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Lorrie [userpic]
Cleaning Out the Bookcase: RPG Books: White Wolf

Hello, folks! We're trying to clean out a bookshelf or two here at the old Snug Harbor. Today's target: role-playing game books.

countgeiger and I have been gamers, off and on, for most of our adult lives. However, neither of us really do tabletop anymore. Thus, we have a certain surplus of books in a couple old systems--books that we don't think will be worth our time to eBay or hand over to a thrift store. If we have no takers, and Games of Berkeley won't buy used sourcebooks in decent condition, then they're getting...pulped. Which, personally, I hate to do to any book, so I'm making this last-ditch effort to get them to good homes.

This first post will contain our White Wolf books, all of which are old-World of Darkness (there's a couple surprises in there, like Hōl). Subsequent posts will handle other publishers. All books are in good condition (if dusty), and unless otherwise noted are trade paperbacks. If you're in the Bay Area, you can have it for free. If you're not, all I ask is that you pay $5 to cover US Priority Mail postage, or rather less if you're willing to wait for Media Mail's faithful snail to arrive. As for payment method, probably PayPal to countgeiger will work best, but we can talk.

Comments will be screened so you can put your mailing address therein. Even if you live in the Bay Area, you may want me to go on and send it to you.

Last, it may well be that these books aren't actually mine, but yours, Gentle Reader. If so, I will return it to you for the asking, no questions asked, no postage charged, but assuredly with my apologies.

General Note: Anything left after it's all said and done goes to norsebiker43.

Vampire: Anything unclaimed by Monday will go to krellan.

  • Vampire: The Masquerade, First Edition, Hardcover (WW 2002) (nelwyn)

  • The Inquisition (WW 2020)

  • Clanbook: Gangrel (WW 2052) (nelwyn)

  • Clanbook: Malkavian (WW 2053) (hilarypoet)

  • Giovanni Chronicles 1: The Last Supper (WW 2090)

  • Giovanni Chronicles 2: Blood and Fire (WW 2091)

  • Ashes to Ashes (WW 2102)

  • The Succubus Club (WW 2104)

  • Chicago by Night, First Edition (WW 2201) (nelwyn)

  • Player's Guide, First Edition (WW 2204)

  • The Anarch Cookbook: A Friendly Guide to Vampire Politics (WW 2207)

  • Storyteller's Handbook (WW 2200) (emberleo)

  • The Hunters Hunted, First Edition (WW 2205) (hilarypoet)

  • World of Darkness: Gypsies (WW 2223) (emberleo)

  • The Storyteller's Guide to the Sabbat (WW 2255) (hilarypoet)

  • Vampire: The Dark Ages (WW 2800) (nelwyn)

Werewolf (norsebiker43)

Mage: Anything not claimed by Monday goes to shantak

  • Mage: The Ascension, First Edition (WW 4000) (emberleo)

  • Loom of Fate (WW 4002)

  • The Digital Web (WW 4004) (shantak)

  • Mage Players Guide, First Edition (WW 4050) (emberleo)

  • The Book of Madness (WW 4251)

  • Mage: The Ascension, Second Edition (WW 4300)

  • Mage: The Ascension, Third Edition (WW 4600)

Hōl (Human Occupied Landfill)

  • Hōl: Human Occupied Landfill (WW 5900)

  • Buttery Wholesomeness (WW 5901)

Changeling: Anything not claimed by Monday goes to emberleo.

  • Changeling: The Dreaming, First Edition (WW 7000) (emberleo)

  • Freeholds and Hidden Glens (WW 7002)

  • The Enchanted (WW 7008)

  • The Fool's Luck: The Way of the Commoner (WW 7010)

  • Kithbook: Troll (WW 7080)

  • Kithbook: Nocker (WW 7082) (nelwyn)

  • Changeling Players Guide (WW 7100) (emberleo)

  • Pour L'Amour et Liberté: The Book of Houses 2 (WW 7304)

  • Noblesse Oblige: The Book of Houses (WW 7305)

  • Kingdom of Willows (WW 7306)

  • Inanimae: The Secret Way (WW 7307)

  • Denizens of the Dreaming (WW 7310)

Dark Ages (emberleo)

Thanks for helping good books find good homes!

-- Lorrie

Current Mood: curiouscurious


If no one else has put in a claim, I will take all. Otherwise I would like the 2 Werewolf books.


Tell you what: I'll put you down for the main Werewolf book and the hunters' supplement (Project Twilight) for now, and as a bonus, you've got whatever's unclaimed by Monday. The only exception for the Werewolf books would be if someone says, "uh, actually, that's mine, GIVE IT BACK"...and that that's actually true.

You know me...throwing away books is agin' my religion. 8-)

-- Lorrie

(edited to point out that if it's not hers, she can't give it away)

Edited at 2010-01-29 01:08 am (UTC)

Are there any of the Vampire The Masquerade novels or are they gaming books? I got a little confused when I was looking at the White Wolf site this morning to see if I could decipher what I wanted. I would definitely like the novels.

I used to game at Endgame in Oakland years ago. They used to take used things, usually consignment; they did some sort of charity auction with whatever doesn't sell. It might be worth calling them if they're still around.

Oh! None of these are novels; all are sourcebooks with which it is intended one play the game in question.

As I've got a home for the lot, selling it on consignment isn't in it anymore--but that's a good suggestion, thanks!

-- Lorrie

I'm currently playing a Virtual Adept in a game. I'd love to take the Mage books, especially the Digital Web, off your hands. If there are no other takers, could you hold on to them for me until Pcon? I know, I shouldn't shlep books across the Pacific only to bring them back later in July, but I might be able to get rid of them more easily here, amazingly enough.


Okay, here's what I'll do:

countgeiger wants these gone, gone, GONE. As in, yesterday. He'd rather I didn't sit on them 'til the con (with norsebiker43 being the exception, apparently).

I've put you down for Digital Web. Come Monday, any Mage books that are left, that you would like, are yours--but be aware that three of them are effectively the same book in three different editions.

I'll talk with you off-LJ about how to get them to you...

-- Lorrie

(edited to clear up apparent logical discrepancy)

Edited at 2010-01-29 07:56 am (UTC)

Um, I'd like the WoD:Gypsy book, the Storytellers Handbook, and at least the main rulebook and players guide to Changeling. I would love to at least look at the other Changeling books, because I'm not sure I know what's what.

[Edit] Which is to say I'd love to take all the Changeling books, but assumed that was not ok.


Edited at 2010-01-29 03:04 am (UTC)

Okay, I have you down for WoD: Gypsies, the Vampire ST Handbook (as opposed to the ST Guide to the Sabbat, were you interested in that also?), and the Changeling main book and Players' Guide.

You will also get any Changeling books that are unclaimed by Monday.

I'll e-mail you off-LJ about when and where we can rendezvous. 8-)

-- Lorrie

I'm going to include Dark Ages: Fae among your Changeling books, as well, just FYI.

-- Lorrie

I'll take the Changeling Knocker kith book and the Gangrel clan book. I'd love Vampire: The Masquerade, World of Darkness: Gypsies, and Chicago by Night, as well.

Okay, I have you down for the Nocker kithbook, the Gangrel clan book, the main V:tM rulebook, and Chicago by Night.

Unfortunately, I can't give you dibs on WoD: Gypsies, as emberleo got there first. Sorry, but I bet emberleo will be willing to share. ;)

When I drop whatever goes to the post office into the mail on Monday, I'll drop yours off at House K.

-- Lorrie

Vampire books

Nice! I could use the Vampire books. Although I don't play the game, I like reading the books... especially the first edition.

Please bring them over next time you're over :)


Re: Vampire books

Okay! In order to give people a chance who need only one book, I'm going to do for you what I'm doing for shantak for Mage and emberleo for Changeling: anything Vampire not claimed by Monday is yours, and for your house I'll just cast a Correspondence rote to get to your house, a Legerdemain cantrip to get in the door...

*grin* Or just bring it over next time we brew, yes.

-- Lorrie

Hunters guide, Sabbat
Malkavian book, if not claimed.
Any werewolf books not claimed.

I've put you down for The Hunters Hunted, The Storyteller's Guide to the Sabbat, and Clanbook: Malkavian.

norsebiker43 specifically claimed the Werewolf books, so he has dibs. Sorry!

I know you'll be at my house tonight, so that tells me how you're getting them. 8-)

-- Lorrie