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September 2012
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Lorrie [userpic]
Candle Experiment Results

I succeeded in pouring three candles that were 1/3 soft soy to 2/3 beeswax, using all-cotton fairly thick wicks.

I tested lighting the largest of them (in its seven-day glass), and yes, it lights, and it melts wax, and the wax is consumed....sorta.


Not exactly. The wax is not, apparently, melted at the same rate at which it is being consumed. What happens is that the pool of wax grows, drowns out the wick, and then cools to well enough below the end of the wick to look like a candle that I'd blown out normally!

I'm thinking the answer is to see if I can't remelt, add more beeswax, and repour--or start fresh so I can compare several blends at once.

Further experimentation will likely wait until after Pantheacon--it's going to be getting VERY busy out...

-- Lorrie


Thank you for sharing how this is going.

You're welcome--I figured that if I were taking notes, I may as well do so with an audience...

I find it interesting. It's like DIY except that you don't have to do it, just read about it and then get to use the resulting gathering info, thanks. Please do keep posting about this.

*grin* Well, tonight or tomorrow I'll be posting again; got more wax to try three more proportions--so you can have more vicarious DIY. ;)

-- Lorrie

Thirded. The only candle-making I've done is rolled beeswax and I'm interested in poured (and dipped) candlemaking so it's good info!

*nodnod* It's coming fairly easy for me--the skills I've used so far are ones I've already had to develop for either beading (for crimping the whoozyfliggers onto the bottom of the wicks) or cooking (melting wax in a double boiler is rather like melting chocolate likewise).

The rolled candles always seemed to me like they'd melt too quickly to be useful. I did one or two while I lived in New York, and wasn't disproven. ;)

-- Lorrie

They do melt pretty fast, but that can actually be useful for some applications. And beeswax smells so good...

I know! And it's earth-friendly and HOORAY BEES and and and...!

It's just a bit fussy about who its friends are. 8-)

-- Lorrie

That's fascinating! Thank you for sharing :)


You're welcome!

-- Lorrie