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September 2012
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Lorrie [userpic]
It's Done

"I have a Friend who wants to meet you. She's very fond of golden kitties and has infinite catnip."

After that, we said good-bye, and countgeiger sent her on her way. We shrouded her in linen, wrapping catgrass and catnip in with her.

Once we buried her, I planted more of each on top...for Sigdrifa, for George, and for all the cats in that yard, for there are by now quite a few.

Then we went home.

-- Lorrie

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My face is screwed up in that "trying not to cry" way but my eyes are full and my heart is sad for your and the Count's loss.

She, on the other paw, is no doubt raising all kind of ruckus w/ the other golden kitties, and I send a skritch or two after her.


*hugs* Thank you.

-- Lorrie



*hugs tight*

So much love & hugs to you all.

Thank you...

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Thanks. 8-/

Awwwww. *sniff* That first paragraph brought a tear to my eye... partly because if I were a cat, I think that's just what I'd want to be told before going on such a scary journey.

My heart is with you.

Makes me cry when I re-read it, actually. Sometimes, I say the Smart Thing...

Thank you for the kind words.

-- Lorrie

Sympathies to you, hugs from afar.

Thank you...






Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs.

Thank you very much...*hugs*

-- Lorrie

*sniff* Saying goodbye is always hard. {{Hugs}}

Ayuh--this one was harder on countgeiger than me, but it didn't not suck. >.<

-- Lorrie

Awww. :( Hail Sigdrifa!

Thank you...

*hugs* I'm very sorry for your loss :(

Thank you!

Like you and trogula, countgeiger and I think that the time is now ripe for new kitties--just now, we're thinking that as we've rescued two shelter strays and one other DSH mutt, we can look into pedigreed kitties without a big ethical hangup.

So we're thinking Russian Blues...

-- Lorrie

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