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September 2012
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Lorrie [userpic]
US Veteran? Thank You! Also, Dinner's on the House...

Here's a link from Snopes describing all the national chains that are offering free food to veterans over the weekend and on into Veterans Day proper on Wednesday:


Sidebar: Outback (one of the listed players) donated in support of Proposition 8. Me, I'd just go, eat the freebies, and leave, but I don't qualify...

-- Lorrie


Cool, I think Daniel may qualify for this. Since he was in the Air National Guard and never actually saw combat (thanks to Bill Clinton ending Gulf War I before they got around to sending him), he counts as a "veteran" for some things but not for others. However, on Applebee's page they list what proof they need, and it looks like they're pretty relaxed on it. One of the things they list is just a photo of the person in unform!