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September 2012
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Oh, noes! Another recipe!

Behind the cut, find a recipe for slow cooker polenta, including how to turn it into a one-pot meal through the timely addition of greens and proteins.

Adapted from Alton Brown's Savory Polenta recipe.

NB: Unlike most slow cooker recipes, this isn't quite fire-and-forget. You do have to pay attention every twenty minutes, but that's easier than traditional polenta (constant stirring) or Alton's oven variation (opening an oven to stir a ripping hot saucepan every ten minutes).

If you're allergic to corn (hi, pearlshadow!), here's a fun history fact: our oldest citation of polenta comes from Ancient Rome, which was, of course, long before the introduction of maize to Europe. You can commit polenta with any of several different whole, coarse-ground grains, such as farro, millet, spelt, buckwheat, or--and this is the old Roman style--barley. It was even made with other coarse meals, such as chestnut and chickpea.

If you find a multi-grain hot cereal that's made of coarse-ground grain, you may as well try it here!

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