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Tonight, for Hrafnar's landspirit picnic, I didn't have time, energy, or bandwidth to make a loaf of my awesome vollkornbrot*. However, I did have time to throw together the following spread/dip, based on Alton Brown's herbed yogurt spread.

The result is pretty tasty, something like what might happen if sour cream and guacamole had a baby. If you're coming tonight, you can be a guinea pig!

Now it needs a name!

New Nameless Dip
Yield: Approximately three cups.


1Tbspwhole cumin seeds
1Tbspgarlic granules
1/4cminced cilantro
1 1/2Tbsplime juice (should be about one lime)
1tspWorcestershire sauce
1tspred pepper flakes (fresh minced jalapeño woulda been better)
2qtsplain yogurt (whole milk yogurt preferred)
  salt (to taste)

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well. Place mixture in drawstring muslin bag, or a tea towel gathered into a bag with twine, or in four layers of cheesecloth. In any case, dangle over a sink or bowl or set over a colander, set over a bowl, and place in refrigerator. In either case, allow yogurt to drain for 12 hours, scraping down the bag and stirring the contents again partway through.

Discard liquid and scrape dip into bowl. Add salt to taste.

*-Vollkorn recipe forthcoming when I stabilize my set of hacks. However, this recipe was my starting point, and first publication may well be in the Troth cookbook to encourage sales whereof. ;)

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