Lorrie (lwood) wrote,
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My Family! Yay! I Love Them! We Route Around Outages!

So, as those of you who are on the Hrafnar list know, dpaxson's daughter-in-law is in the hospital for a mastectomy here in Berkeley, and my grandmother is recovering from an aortic aneurysm repair in Philadelphia.

This isn't actually about that, it's just the setup for a discussion of wacky family hijinks, and how we deal with them.Collapse )

What amuses me about all of this is that it's an exercise in network dynamics.

Whenever one, as a wee nerdlet, has the Matrix Internet explained to them, one of the things they say early on is, "the Internet is designed to route around outages".

Neurologists have recently found out that your brain does too, by the by.

And now, as my family proves today, so do humans. 8-)

-- Lorrie
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