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What's keeping me from roaming the streets of My Fair City and joining up with the latest demonstration/riot?

  1. Fiber Arts (this post).

  2. Editing ancient issues of Idunna for republication (not terribly interesting if you're not in the project, really)

  3. Exploring whole grains and baking sourdough bread.

I suppose, taken together, it's a real high fiber diet...


Of late, I have undertaken rudimentary studies in several fiber arts that were of interest in Northern and Western Europe Back in the Day--especially if I could pack it up and take it on one of my trips. Here's a quick run-through...

Spinning on a Drop SpindleCollapse )

NalebindingCollapse )

Card/Tablet WeavingCollapse )

SprangCollapse )

Actual WeavingCollapse )

KnittingCollapse )

There. Next, a few notes about the baking, brewing, and other food things of late.

-- Lorrie
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