Lorrie (lwood) wrote,

dpaxson's Apple Birthday Cake

Today is dpaxson's sixty-seventh birthday1, and I've been asked to bring the cake and ice cream, while Suleiman the Magnificent Spiffy performs his usual arcane awesomeness with a pork roast.

Now, it's a little-known fact that Herself the Birthday Girl isn't much of a one for chocolate. Given her druthers, it's caramel every time, so that's where we're starting from.

I did consider a tres leche cake, that sensuous mouthgasm of yellow cake soaked in condensed (thus part-caramelized) milk, topped with whipped cream, and there's some half-and-half in there somewhere which makes this technically quatro leches, and I was very nearly inspired to throw in a can of dulce de leche as well--and that would have been Quite Good, no mistake.

But then, I remembered that guaranteed-magnificent spiffy pork roast. Pork, as all men know, cuddles up right well with onions. How could I pick that up and run with it? Well, I might consider caramelized Vidalia ice cream...on a bet...if I had an ice cream maker...and it were Vidalia onion season...maybe if I hadn't blown the Vidalia onion mead for Dísablót...

Wait, wait, wait. What else goes well with pork, and also onions?

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