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Right, so, among my New Year's Firm Plans, I wrote, "Brew at least three meads this year, at least one of which is dedicated to a god."

I admit, that was kind of a low-ball resolution (there are ones on there that will, in fact, be quite hard for me). But let's chat that up a moment and throw some plans around...

One, I'd best get on the stick and make another simple, all-purpose mead...because the stuff I brewed in January 2009 with intent not to even open until, uh, now? We got into it in September, and the last two bottles of my share of that good brew will be served up tomorrow.

What was I thinking?

We considered a mead of tanbark oak honey for Thor, but:

So, for Thor, a honey porter, using oak honey from actual oak trees. bearfairie knew where to get the right stuff, too, bless her. Additional flavoring methods and ingredients will include cocoa nibs, coffee, and something to do with walnuts--coffee is a well-known UPG for Thor, and the first and third are locally accepted UPG that go well with the dark flavor profile of a honey porter. Oh, and there'll be some oak cubes in the carboy specifically designed for imparting barrel-aged flavor to glass-aged products. Huh. I should probably warn for the beer to contain nuts.

Then there's Odin.

  • Odin is, assuredly, a Mead Guy.

But given the Nine Herbs Charm and all, and the fact that we have a lovely bucket of sage honey here, I'm leaning toward a metheglin, which is a fussy word for "mead with herbs in".

That reminds me, before tomorrow's party I should go over a list I've got, pretty the formatting up, and see if there're any amendments to make to it tomorrow. At least one of the highly recommended ingredients is technically legal but will require warning for sound ethical reasons. Other ingredients may include sage, thyme, caraway, and mugwort.

Frigg's got a plum melomel burbling away in the brewery already. It had some oxidation trouble at the outset, which may age out, but if it doesn't, I'll do it over when the local plums come again. It needs to be racked OFF the plums ASAP, this is due to happen sometime in the next couple weeks.

Then, today, while I was buying kitty grass and catnip, it came to my attention something for Freyja might not be a bad idea. For her, I would say fireweed honey, with rose hips, cocoa nibs, and catnip. I'm tempted to wave chile peppers and/or belladonna at it, but the first would mean emberleo couldn't have any (poor form) and the second, while appropriate, might be more trouble than I bargained for. Oh, and amber chips and gold flakes, 'cos, uh...'cos.

And that's my current brewery ramblings. Discuss.

-- Lorrie

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