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Greyhaven Parties Considered Harmful for Lorrie's Cats...

A year and a half ago, two days before Greyhaven's midsummer Charlie Party, my favorite cat, George, went from being merely hyperthyroid to active, acute, renal failure.

We chose to euthanize, and the morning of the Charlie Party, I buried him in dpaxson's front yard.

Tomorrow is the Odin Party.

Yesterday, Sigdrifa spent eighteen hours hiding in a closet. When we finally found her and hauled her out, she was lethargic, staggering, with little control of her hindquarters. She hadn't been eating (we realized when we compared notes) and last night refused water as well.

Today, a diagnosis: diabetes mellitus, with a secondary complication of hepatic lipidosis. Absent the Greek and Latin, that means that if we chose to treat, it's several days of hospitalization, followed by several weeks of a feeding tube, force-feeding her through a tube until her liver came back online, which will be at least three weeks. After that, twice-daily insulin injections for the rest of her life, to a being to whom I cannot explain why we haul her out of hidey holes and jab her with pointy things.

We have chosen to euthanize. Today, or tomorrow, I plant another cat in dpaxson's front yard.

Wibble, on her part, littermate to George, is elderly (16 1/2) but spry: hyperthyroid is under control with twice-daily oral meds that she doesn't like, but does tolerate. The raw diet we put both cats on a few months ago, plus the hormone therapy, is doing wonders: she's gained weight back and has a lovely silky coat.

purplevenus is on her way, we're gonna blubber on each other for awhile, and then do what countgeiger and I have to believe is the right thing by Sigdrifa.

Using six-year-olds' logic, Greyhaven parties are bad for my cats.

-- Lorrie

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Oh, sweetie. I'm so sorry. *hugs*

Me too. 8-/ *hugs*

Oh no!! Oh love, I'm so very sorry. Sending you so much love right now. May she pass in ease and love.

*hugs* Thank you.

-- Lorrie

wow, I am sorry for your (impending) loss.

Thank you...

I'm sorry to hear you are going to lose another cat but it sure does sound like it's time:( Maybe there is a kitten (or 2?) out there just waiting to join your household.

Sometime later in the spring, two kittens.

She's only seven!

Thank you.

-- Lorrie

Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. *Hugs you* *Snuggles Sigdrifa* *Gives extra love to Sam-on-my-lap & Wibble on general principles*

I am glad that Wibble is doing ok!

Thank you. *hugs*

-- Lorrie

Oh, dude. Dude.

Strength. Comfort.


Thank you...*hugs*

*hugs hard*

*hugs back, knowing now that you are bayushi posting from the wrong LJ. 8-)

-- Lorrie

*BIG warm hugs* I understand your pain. I'm so sorry.

May your journey be full of mice to chase and catnip to roll in, dear Sigdrifa.

Before we gave her the shots, I let her know that she has a friend who wants to meet her who is very fond of golden kitties and happens to have, roughly, infinite catnip.


-- Lorrie

I am so sorry to hear this. You have my deepest sympathy. :(

My thanks...

-- Lorrie

omgz *hugs*

I'm so sorry honey. *huge hugs* If I could be there with you, I would.

Thanks, love. *hugs*

On the sort-of bright side, this now means that both kitties who peed on things will not be doing that anymore, and Wibble is far less sheddy than Sigdrifa ever was.

-- Lorrie

Sorry to hear this. Strength in your choices.

Thank you...

-- Lorrie

Oh no, poor Sigdrifa!

I'm so sorry. *hugs*



But countgeiger saw a friend's cat near the clearing at the end of its path, not long ago, with diabetes and kidney disease.

And, frankly, the financial and emotional burden to get Sigdrifa stable, plus the several weeks (three to eight) of force-feeding to kickstart her liver...would have substantial. Shoot, even the one person I know who's actually done it wouldn't've done it again, especially not with the diabetes on top.

Oh, and smack in the middle of the "you MUST do all this" regimen? Pantheacon. But even in a financially and temporally ideal world, we would have done this anyhow, I think.

-- Lorrie

Oh, honey, I wasn't saying you're doing it wrong, I was lamenting that Sigdrifa is so ill that her quality of life has inextricably declined, such that you are forced to make this decision.

I definitely understand the issue. I might not make the same choice. I don't know, and I'm glad I don't have to choose in your place. But it's clear that you've thought about it, and about what her life would be like going forward, and are doing the best you can by her.



Well, it wasn't "slow circling of drain, okay now"--fatty liver, unless you watch very carefully, sneaks up on you. There's a few days of not eating, and then whoops lethargy. In this case, however, it had been caused by the diabetes (according to the vet), which also kinda sneaks up on one until "why don't her back legs work!?" and suchlike.

Bleh. We knew she was at high risk for diabetes, that's why we put her on the raw food (thus low-carb, etc). With genes like that, while it did mean the end of the Greyhaven line, I'm glad we had her spayed.

Thought about it? Yes, we already had, with George--you can't explain to a cat why the people it loves are jabbing it daily with pointy things. 8-/

Bleh again.

-- Lorrie

Oh, honney, I'm so sorry. Much love to you and the husband during this time.

Thank you...

-- Lorrie


You scritch that kitty!

We buried her with fresh grass and fresh 'nip, with more of same to root gently on top. With all the cats in dpaxson's front yard, we thought that a good idea.

-- Lorrie

*nodnod* So we truly believe. *hugs* Thank you.

-- Lorrie

Oh, that's so sad. I don't know what to say. You can come over and pet Mr. Neffer and Ryo-okki if you would like.

Awww! Thanks, hon!

-- Lorrie

I'm so sorry :(

*hugs* Thank you...

Oh, poor kitty, and poor you! At least she goes with love...

Thank you...

Poor kitty :-( I am sorry :-(


Thank you...